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Notifications & Reminders

Never forget!

Email and in-app reminders, customized for every single person that interacts with a partnerships. Creative due date, Activation due date, Assignment made, Event coming up, Recent changes, CHECK!

Lockstep with your Partners

Communicate and collaborate with your client on upcoming deadlines to make sure all partnership details are maximized and activated.

Change Notifications

Email updates are sent every 10 minutes. Just uploaded a picture, just made a change to the specifications? Rely on the system to update every person that needs to know.

Your personalized windshield

Personalized dashboard with every important date in your foreseeable future. Laid out so you know exactly how to deliver your best work to each and every partner and event.

"Trak has increased the engagement with our partners allowing us to spend more time throughout the year on conversations about strategy, partnership maximization and ROI, instead of version wrangling and status meetings."

Kate Kasabula, Senior Director of Client Services at Baltimore Ravens