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Become a strategic marketer who extracts maximum value from your sponsorship budget and can communicate that value to a room full of CFO's and non-marketers.


Manage a pipeline of partnership opportunities and score them against a set of criteria to make better partnership decisions.

After your partnerships have been selected, centralize the asset management to make better activation decisions on every single asset based on; property expectations, past performance, and category specifics.


Accelerate and simplify the complex orchestration of resources and communication to pull off simple and complex partnerships using the same platform.

Task: Comprehensive and complete details built by property, agency on every single asset.

Content: Supporting attachments including; specification guides, visuals, and proof of performance.

Collaboration: All stakeholders contributing and commenting in the context of the work.


Catalog, save, and communicate partnership performance on every single asset and every single partnership.

Then compare year-over-year results based on the targeted ROI/ ROO metrics side by side with your benchmarks and deliver with real-time reports and dashboards.


We use Trak to connect the dots of performance data and develop and present a narrative of each partnership so we can measure the impact of our investment.

Dan Frystak

Director of Sponsorship and Brand Marketing, CDW


Our Most Popular Solutions for Brands

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Optimize each Partnership for Maximum ROI/ROO

Use your own combination of measurement and quantitative data to stack rank your partnerships to understand which are high performers and which ones need to be optimized; in real-time to help you and your property partners make better activation decisions based on your weighted objectives.

Tablet of Task Panel

Accountability and Efficiency with Property Partners

Collaboration and visibility throughout the life of a partnership to increase efficiency and effectiveness from everyone working on the partnership. So everyone has access to the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Brand Budgeting Dashboard

Make Sense of your Internal, Agency, or Property Provided Data with Visual Dashboards

Visually display your partnership information and partnership performance that can motivate your entire team, communicate to any audience and simplify partnerships chaos into easy to understand graphs and charts.

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