Sponsorship Management Software For Properties who Sell & Activate multi-media partnerships to advertisers - Trak Software


We help properties stay connected to their clients during the entire sponsorship process to create partnerships that sell, renew, and grow by maximizing current assets and transforming you from a seller to a marketing consultant.


Create, Present and Sell partnerships that deliver ROI to your client.


Boost productivity by aligning the digital work that is required to pull off simple and complex partnerships. Task, Content, & Collaboration.


Connect measurement data and important client partnership objectives with real-time reports and dashboards.

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Beautiful Digital Presentations in Seconds

Create and present proposals & recaps in less than 4 seconds with beautiful imagery, an enriched multi-media experience and slideshow capabilities.

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Understand Partnership Progress at all times

Customized management dashboard that communicates the health and pulse of your entire portfolio of partnerships including; team activity, client activity, partnership performance, and momentum.

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A Homepage for your clients

Remove the bottlenecks! Collaboration and visibility throughout the life of a partnership to increase renewals and upsells by providing your partners access to the information they need, exactly when they need it including ROI justification and fulfilment reports.