2020 Trak User Survey Results - Trak Software

2020 Trak User Survey Results

Every year, we survey users to better understand how they use the software, how Trak is incorporated into day-to-day processes, what users consider to be the most-valuable functionalities, and how the Trak platform can continue to improve.

Our Survey Goals:

1) Understand overall satisfaction

2) Impact to their business

3) Leadership roles

4) Day to day roles

5) Usage and time estimation

6) Anonymous experience management

Here are some of our key findings:

Trak by the numbers
  • 42.2% of users rely on Trak Software daily with 80% of users logging into the platform multiple times a week

  • Users are 2.5 times more likely to recommend Trak to a friend or colleague, with an Net Promoter Score of 76, compared to an average score of 31 for other SaaS platforms

  • Users reported the top benefits that Trak Software provides as:
    • Improved organization
    • Centralized location to:
      • Manage workflow
        • Communicate with partners
        • Track assets and inventory
  • Overall 100% of respondents reported time savings with the use of Trak
    • Here is a breakdown of how much time savings users are seeing:

2020 Customer Survey Graphics 21
  • 60% reported that Trak has improved their ability to provide return-on-investment and return-on-objective insights

  • 77.8% reported that integration of Trak provides added value to partners and clients

  • 82.3% of Brand users reported the ability to make better partnership renewal decisions

  • 16.1% of Property/Rights Holder users reported a positive trend in partnership renewals with Trak

  • 82.2% reported that Trak positively impacted their ability to navigate changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Users also provided feedback regarding enhancements they'd like to see to existing functions - which are already being integrated into Trak updates rolling out soon!

Overall, Trak has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on users –

See what else Trak users are saying below. We extracted the "most" used words in from our open text questions and created this word cloud
Customer Survey Results Word Cloud from Trak

Check out the full survey results and testimonials: