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Learn more about your customers with individual visitor timelines and metrics that are customised to your web or mobile app. helps you track the metrics that actually matter to your startup


Discover what's driving your signups and measure all the way through to revenue.


Optimise onboarding so that your hard-earned signups actually use your app.


Monitor how users return to your app. Track which methods are pulling them back.


See the lifetime revenue of each customer and traffic source to adjust your marketing.


User referrals are the holy grail of growth hacking. Monitor who's bringing in users and revenue.

360° Customer Profiles

Build rich customer profiles over time as you learn more about your users. Store unlimited custom data for each person - is entirely flexible, unlike many other CRMs that only allow pre-defined values.


Track revenue for purchases. See the total lifetime value of a customer, or quickly calculate their monthly average. See which events led up to a purchase, or target big spenders you haven't seen in a while.

3rd Party Integrations

Get data on customers that you don't already have yet. Discover their influence in areas relevant to your product.

Timelines of Each Customer's Activity

Build a complete picture of each customer with an in depth timeline of activity. This makes it easy to understand who your customer is, and what they're looking for.

Offline Activity

Track offline activity such as phone calls, meetings, and networking events. Your user experience isn't limited to your website so why should your analytics package?

Distinguish Between Different Channels

Log events against distinct, colour coded channels. Easily differentiate your web site, mobile app, blog, phone calls, conferences, social media. See where your hard work is paying off best.

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