The Customer Success Platform
(Your Entire Team Will Actually Want To Use)

A complete data-driven platform for SaaS companies who want a modern and purpose built platform, affordably priced for the whole organisation to engage with. 360 customer views, analytics across multiple data sources, multiple stakeholder notifications & marketing automation.
Built from the ground up to support the modern SaaS customer lifecycle.

Every Day We Track Millions Of Customers For Pioneering SaaS Companies

Why Trakio?

In the subscription economy, customers are no longer locked into complicated contracts with expensive setup fees - it's now easier than ever to switch to different vendors.

This new business challenge ("churn") has been answered by the emerging role of the customer success manager. Tasked with ensuring renewals and upsells, this new breed of account manager requires a new platform.

We knew that simply 'adding a new tagline to an old school CRM' wasn't enough. From day 1, Trakio was created to answer the new challenges of the modern day subscription economy customer.

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How It Works

This is the part where many companies will start using words like 'data science', 'advanced statistical analysis' and 'machine learning'. Sure, we have patent-pending algorithms that our customers think are awesome.

But we aren't here to impress you with complicated jargon and little magic data elves.

Instead, we'll let our purpose-built customer success platform's simple user interface and intuitive dashboards impress you on their own. We'll do the "magic", you keep focusing on your customers.

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Customer Success Academy

A new business role requires totally fresh industry best practice and case studies. We didn't want to climb on a soap-box and declare we had all the answers - instead, we brought together the leading pioneers in customer success and SaaS growth.

Our Academy resources are 100% free and 100% actionable - even if you aren't using a platform like Trakio, you'll be able to apply the lessons into your daily workflow at any SaaS company.

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