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" is an innovative solution that lets us comprehensively view and measure user actions within the product, and provides us with valuable insight into customer behavior on a granular level."

Liad Guez, Co-Founder and VP Product, Oktopost

Customer Analytics

360° Customer Profiles Allow You To Put A Face To The Data

Progressively create a profile for each customer as they interact with your app, no matter which device they use.

Quickly see how engaged a user is and what role they have within their organisation. Store any custom information about users from all your different data sources to achieve a full picture.

Complete Activity Timelines

Understand Customers Better With A Real-Time Feed Of Their Activity

Quickly see everything a customer has ever done, in one simple timeline, even if their very first visit was 2 years ago.

Now you can make more informed sales and support calls because you can see exactly what they're interested in, which features they're using and which documentation pages they've been reading.

"Heading into our 5th year of Cazoomi we were still searching for a simple to use customer analytics tool which would allow us to focus on the things that actually mattered to us and our subscribers. We immediately found it in"

Clint Wilson, CEO, Cazoomi

Team Collaboration

Full Access For Your Whole Customer Success Management Team

Invite your whole team to collaborate so that everyone can have a full 360 view of each customer's health.

Totally customised alerts mean different colleagues can be notified of different alerts, so that they can deliver targeted action exactly when it's needed.

Automatic Installation

Tracking Customers Without Any Custom Coding

Your developers are already overworked, and the last thing they need is to spend days writing custom tracking code into your app.

Our AutoMagic tracking code can track most app activity with no customisation. Or you can send data via, Trialfire or Popcorn Metrics.

Of course, there's a full Developer API too.

" is the only metrics solution that correctly handles the tracking of multi-user B2B apps. We love it!"

Ian Landsman, Founder, UserScape (Helpspot, Snappy)

KPI Dashboard

Full Visibility On Important Metrics For Your Whole Team

Team-wide dashboards allow you to setup important customer and product metrics, such as Activation Rate or Monthly Recurring Revenue. Dive deeper to connect the metrics to the people who performed them.

Easily add and remove metrics as your team focus shifts. Focussing on improving the homepage conversion rate this week? Setup the dashboard around those metrics and enjoy total focus.

Funnel reports

Understand How Users flow Through Your Product And Uncover The Conversion Bottlenecks

Create funnel reports on the fly with real-time data. Perfect for optimising your workflows such as new user onboarding or checkout process.

All funnel reports are designed to compare week-on-week or month-on-month performance without any extra setup, so you can easily see if your changes are making improvements.

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