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6 MUST ANSWER questions before you include an asset in your partnership proposal or consider buying one

As a property or rights-holder, trying to decide what to put into a partnerships proposal can seem daunting. We've been in those shoes.... What sponsorship items do I have? What Sponsorship assets should I include for each sponsor?

That's why we created this checklist, before presenting assets in a partnership to a prospective partner, several core questions need to be answered.

We work with 2,500+ sponsorship marketers and we've help facilitate millions of partnership details. Along the way, we've discovered the components of a partnership planning that create value for advertisers. So if you're a property, ask yourself these questions before presenting a sponsorship opportunity to a potential sponsor. If you don't ask them to yourself, the potential sponsor will. :)

Download the Report if you'd like to:

1) Understand what sponsors are looking for

2) Build a checklist of your own on what to look for

3) Good ideas on sponsorship strategy

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