What Is Trak? - Trak | Partnership Activation Software

Who Is Trak For?

What Trak Does Is Actually Very Simple

Trak Software increases the value of sponsorships by accelerating 
and simplifying the activation process for people who buy, sell or consult.

So who uses Trak?


The sellers in our industry. Properties use Trak to manage the many different and complex partnerships with brands. They can easily collaborate together to ensure that each campaign is successful.


The buyers in our industry. Many large brands have partnerships with several properties and these relationships can be very complex. Trak manages all of these agreements in one place.


The collaborators in our industry. Agencies representing brands can view all partnerships in one location and communicate between all three parties in a central location.

Trak helps teams...

  • Create time savings of 25-50%
  • Streamlining of processes and data flows
  • Show dynamic transparency of progress
  • ROO/ROI alignment and enhancement
  • Escape from version-wrangling, spreadsheet and clogged-email
  • Become Attrition-proof
  • Build enhanced client relationships
  • Dashboard, calendar and printable reporting


Take a quick tour of the software below.

Create Accounts

Store all of your accounts in one location, monitor progress, and manage all in one easy to use dashboard. Each account is assigned users who are allowed to manage the partnership. Users can be combination of buyers, sellers, and collaborators all with different permissions, experience, and access.

Manage Account Assets & Deliverables

For each account store assets and deliverables that are part of the partnership. Track when these items are due and upload specifications and any other required information. Account managers can communicate, approve, and upload proof of performance for each individual asset.

Create Users and Teams

Does your organization have a large team with multiple responsibilities. Trak is built for that. Manage your complex user structure easily for you and the organization that you are partnering with.

Create Reports

Need to see progress based on accounts, team members, or categories? We have a simple reporting tool that will allow you to easily see how your partnerships are doing in no time at all.

Quickly Export Files

Need all the print ads for the week 7 game day program ads? Simply select the category of your choice and export all approved assets in seconds. Organized and ready to send to your print production team.

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