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Sponsorship Buddy is now Trak

Official Press Release - Immediate Release - December 20th 2017

Sponsorship Buddy is now Trak

Official Press Release - Immediate Release - December 20th 2017

Trak is changing the way we look at sponsorship. Not only are workflows standardized for all involved via one transparent, intuitive, secure platform, but growth is accelerated by effectively demonstrating ROI. Trak is not the old way of doing things; It's cost-effective and is changing the industry.

We have some exciting news to share. We are changing our name from Sponsorship Buddy to Trak.

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to increasing the value of sponsorships for people who sell them and we’ll continue to pursue that goal.

With the new name, we are also announcing that we are making our technology available to organizations that buy and consult on partnerships. Our end goal is the same; to accelerate and simplify the sponsorship execution process.

Official Press Release

SILICON SLOPES, UT - Sponsorship Buddy announced today its decision to rename the company to Trak. The name change is the foundation of the company’s branding efforts to convey the full partnership solution it provides to its portfolio of customers that include properties and rights holders that sell sponsorships, brands that buy sponsorships, and agencies/consultants who help execute sponsorships.

“The Trak name better fulfills the vision of the company - to offer a unified and modern technology platform to the sponsorship industry’ said Cameron Oliver, Chief Executive Officer. ‘Trak has improved operational efficiency, streamlined information workflow, and real-time status reporting for all stakeholders involved in the execution process. We're now ready to announce general availability for all sponsorship marketers - properties, agencies, and brands.”

The Trak software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform offers the sponsorship manager a simplified solution to fulfill partnerships behind a single login that can be accessed from any browser or device. Helping organizations standardize their evaluation and execution of each partnership.

“We’ve spent over 30 combined years in the trenches of the sponsorship industry and have developed Trak to save organizations, their hard-working employees and their valued clients a whole lot of hardship. We know Sponsorship teams feel like they are under-tooled and ill-equipped to deliver the returns expected on these investments and there are so many other places those investments could be directed that offer buttoned-up, inexpensive, digitalized processes and real-time reports,” said Charles Reynolds, Chief Marketing Officer. “We want to increase the value of sponsorships for everyone involved.”

Trak has been championing new ideas and turning them into functional benefits for our clients while aligning ourselves with industry-leading partners who inspire innovation, like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Tigris Marketing, and CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield among many others.

Press Contact

Cameron Oliver

Cameron (at) Trak.io