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Pulse Reports

Stay up-to-date at all times

Customized management dashboard that communicates the health and pulse of your entire portfolio of partnerships.

Be in the know

Don’t lose touch of the day-to-day activities of you and your team and your partners. With this level of reporting and detail you can spot risky renewals early and upsell opportunities.

Client insight

Understand which partnerships are highly engaged and which partners might be underutilizing or under-activating.

Communicate up the org chart

Deliver high level activity reports and progress, partnership by partnership or overall. So your marketing department knows the workload and orchestration that happening on a weekly basis.

"Having all of our creative in one spot is a big thing. You have developed these assets and it’s so helpful to be able to show not only your internal team what’s being run from a messaging standpoint, but to also show your leadership what kind of amplification of sponsorships is tied to the different assets you have."

Kelly Baird - Tigris Sponsorship & Marketing