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Sponsorship marketers of all kinds have united to consolidate workflows and store results in Trak, or what’s been referred to as “the homepage for our partnerships.”  Here is some of their feedback:

“Trak has increased the engagement with our partners allowing us to spend more time throughout the year on conversations about strategy, partnership maximization and ROI, instead of version wrangling and status meetings.”

Kate Kasabula
Baltimore Ravens

“As an agency, we became more proficient because we are spending less time on a previously manual process and we were able to automate the process in terms of a central housing location”“As an agency it is all about being more efficient and being able to be more responsive to your client. Through using Trak we were able to cut out the manual process of trafficking asset approval deadlines amongst properties and the client’s internal partners, as well as see the fulfillment progress along the way. Beyond streamlining our workflow process the system functions as a central warehouse for all sponsorship elements and most importantly all performance data tied to those sponsorships. This gives us power in being able to automate reports and get information back to our client in real-time.“Having all of our creative in one spot is a big thing. You have developed these assets and it’s so helpful to be able to show not only your internal team what’s being run from a messaging standpoint, but to also show your leadership what kind of amplification of sponsorships is tied to the different assets you have.”

Kelly Baird

“Before Trak it was really difficult to look ahead and anticipate everything, it helped me plan better. Before it was reactive, and all I did was reply to e-mails to provide approvals. It’s really easy to learn, if you’re used to reading email on your computer, you can figure it out. Our team picked it right up.”“It will make their clients lives' easier, their clients should be thrilled they come up with a solution that will save them time and make their lives’ easier, you should have seen how many emails I received from them last year. Why couldn’t we have had this 5 years ago?"

David Williams
Visit Utah

How to Better Strategize, Execute, and Measure Your Partnerships

Brands spend more than $65.8 billion globally on sports sponsorships annually. The bar has risen when it comes to the performance needed to justify those expenditures, which puts a lot of strain on all parties involved. With that said, how do these marketers collaborate on the work and properly assess the performance of their partnership portfolios?