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With NBA Playoffs in Full Force, American Express Continues Strong Activation
Posted On: May 03, 2018

The mainstay of the NBA is loving their partnership with the NBA right about now.

Our clients, the Cleveland Cavaliers, have had an eventful start to the NBA playoffs. While this is one of the most entertaining beginnings to an NBA playoffs ever, American Express has to be among the happiest.

American Express has been an official sponsor of the NBA for several years at this point, marketing their luxury credit card by providing fans with early access to tickets and fun experiences. They have had similar activations in the past, including with the Seattle Seahawks where Amex card members were given access to a yacht tailgate before a game.

While this partnership has been around for a long time, Amex has been sure to update it and adapt to our changing world. At the start of this season, they announced new activations such as discounts on team merchandise with card purchases. Amex will also continue to hold a strong presence for the NBA on TNT and all of its shows. 

Perhaps the coolest and most pertinent activation for Amex with the NBA right now is their ability to give their card members early access to playoff tickets. Even though this partnership started several years ago, Amex has made sure to update it and activate it across multiple platforms.

Trak's Take

1. American Express is a luxury brand so their sponsorship efforts are focused more on brand loyalty than brand awareness. Their activations providing fans with exclusive offers is the perfect way of executing this goal.

2. It is always important to keep updating your activations to keep up with the times. Back in 2010, American Express probably did not have as much of a social media presence as they do now.

3. For Amex, the NBA is the perfect league to partner with as it has seen tremendous growth as of late and seems to be only behind the NFL in popularity. It makes sense they have hung onto this partnership.

4. As a brand or company, think of leagues that are showing high performance fiscally, but also provide you with congruent messaging opportunities.

Check out some pictures of their activations below.

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Written by: James Campbell

James Campbell is currently in his Senior year at the University of Michigan. In May of 2018, he will receive his BA degree in Sport Management. Throughout his time at Michigan, he has worked with Detroit City FC, MiLife Sport & Social Club, and USA Hockey.  - @Jimmy10Campbell