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Snickers Extends Partnership with WWE
Posted On: Mar 06, 2018

The candy bar company will continue to be the presenting sponsor of Wrestlemania.

However you may feel about professional wrestling, one thing is for sure; it is popular. Millions of people follow the WWE and the fanbase more loyal than average consumers. A huge reason for this is that the fans can largely make their voices heard and almost dictate who succeeds and who doesn't.

Snickers has been the presenting sponsor of Wrestlemania for the past two years and has announced they are extending that partnership. While they are not the presenting sponsor of all WWE events, Wrestlemania is the biggest and most-watched.

As with any sponsorship today, the deal will have mutual benefits for each side. For the sponsor side, Snickers will get signage at the event and access to WWE superstars for their own marketing efforts. To put it in perspective, 1.95 million people watched last year's Wrestlemania and the WWE brought in several million dollars in revenue (Bleacher Report). 

There are some baseball teams that don't get that many people into their stadiums over a span of 81 games. Additionally, WWE's YouTube channel is the second largest on the website. It is safe to say Snickers will be reaching a large audience.

Trak's Take

1.) WWE's brand loyalty is higher than average and Snickers will now have access to a dedicated audience that they can look to extend that loyalty to their own brand.

2.) Snickers' key demographic is males 18-35 which is also congruent with WWE's demographic. This should allow for a more effective deal and activation.

3.) The WWE has more recognizable and marketable stars than most of professional leagues. When Snickers starts to use them for their own commercials, the names and message will resonate even more with fans. 

4.) This deal is only for Wrestlemania, so Snickers is not locked into a complicated deal that will require year-round thinking.

5.) Think about what leagues or teams share demographics and have a huge audience. Snickers will reap the benefits from congruence and increased brand awareness and association with the WWE.


Written by: James Campbell

James Campbell is currently in his Senior year at the University of Michigan. In May of 2018, he will receive his BA degree in Sport Management. Throughout his time at Michigan, he has worked with Detroit City FC, MiLife Sport & Social Club, and USA Hockey.  - @Jimmy10Campbell