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Snapple to Become the "Official Tea and Juice" of MLB
Posted On: Feb 15, 2018

You will be seeing plenty of Snapple this MLB season.

The MLB has recently seen an increase in revenues and are spending some of it by obtaining an "Official Tea and Juice Drink" partner in Snapple. Typically, summers at the ballpark are about beer. However, lemonade and tea works just as well.

As a part of this deal, Snapple will have access to MLB logos, team logos, and intellectual property regarding the All-Star game and for the post-season. Snapple is known for their bottle caps which have fun facts and they will now have baseball facts. Moreover, Snapple will also make baseball-themed products.

This deal has already been promised to contain several fun activations throughout this next season, It will be entertaining to see what Snapple and the MLB have in store for us. 

Trak's Take

1.) The two brands are congruent in that Snapple is a refreshing summer drink while the MLB plays most of its season during the summer and fans would love Snapple while at the ballpark.

2.) The MLB has the most games of any professional sport league in the U.S. and will have plenty of opportunities for activation and brand awareness for Snapple.

3.) Baseball stadiums have several great opportunities for signage and this will definitely come in handy for Snapple for big events like the All-Star game and the post-season.

4.) Snapple did a great job with congruence in this partnership. Think about what teams or leagues would be a great fit for your brand or company.

Noah Garden--MLB Executive Vice President

"We continually seek out new ways of connecting with our great fans and teaming up with the creative team at Snapple is allowing us to try some unique ideas in the retail space. They are already proving to be good partners and 2018 should be a fun season with them."


Written by: James Campbell

James Campbell is currently in his Senior year at the University of Michigan. In May of 2018, he will receive his BA degree in Sport Management. Throughout his time at Michigan, he has worked with Detroit City FC, MiLife Sport & Social Club, and USA Hockey.  - @Jimmy10Campbell