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PreGamers Offers a New Way to Tailgate
Posted On: Feb 07, 2019

The new company offers a variety of packages that maximize your experience while taking away the stress.

Everyone loves a good tailgate or family get-together, but very few people look forward to the planning and managing of that event. Whether it's a tailgate before a football game or a backyard party, the burden of stresses usually fall upon one or two people which can ruin the whole event for them.

As a result, most people simply hope they know someone who runs a tailgate or is willing to manage an event so they don't have to. But with PreGamers, you don't have to worry about that anymore. PreGamers takes the stresses of the events away, allowing you to maximize your event experience with little worry. 

They offer different packages with each designed for the size of your party. If your tailgate is only going to have 6 people, you can get the "Tow Tavern" which is a trailer small enough for easy parking, but large enough for a pull-out bar and TV. But if this is a huge football game and you're expecting up to 16 people, their "O.P.G" is a 16 foot trailer that has multiple TVs, speakers, a bar, and even its own private bathroom. 

But PreGamers has more than just trailers if the party is big enough. They have huge set-ups for parties of up to 100 people at a time. From multiple bars and rooftop seating to catering and indoor/outdoor sections. As for sponsorship, these bigger packages have tons of branding space so you can put signs up and run activations as well. You can find the full offerings from PreGamers at

Perhaps the best part about PreGamers is that every package comes with a "host" who manages the set-up and cleanup as well as all the logistics during the event itself. They offer a way for everyone to tailgate without worry or concern. You can simply show up, have fun, and leave stress-free (assuming your team wins of course). 

This is the future of tailgating and I wouldn't be surprised to see more of them in the future. Check out some of the pictures below and be sure to go to their website above.

Written by: James Campbell

James Campbell is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan with his B.A. in Sport Management. Throughout his time at Michigan, he has worked with Detroit City FC, MiLife Sport & Social Club, and USA Hockey. - @Jimmy10Campbell