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Mancester City the Latest to Partner with Dating App
Posted On: Apr 06, 2018

The global soccer club will be partnering with Tinder for a unique sponsorship.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the Los Angeles Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks choosing phone apps as their jersey sponsors. This trend does not seem to be ending soon as one of the world's biggest soccer clubs has announced a partnership with Tinder. 

As of now, there are very few details about the monetary value or length of the deal. In fact, there has not been much said as to what this deal will entail in terms of activation. All we know so far is that it is a multi-million dollar and multi-year deal. It will be very interesting to see how Man City and Tinder activate and measure this deal.

In soccer, one of the premier sponsorship opportunities is on the kits or jerseys. Man City recently signed a deal with Puma for that area, so Tinder will have to find other ways. Perhaps this partnership will allow for digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns given the nature of the sponsor. There could even be a portion of Tinder that is only for Man City fans to connect. 

The main reason given for this sponsorship is that Man City plays a sport that brings the world together and Tinder is an app that achieves the same thing. With so little known at this point, this will be a very entertaining partnership to follow. 

Trak's Take

1. For Tinder, they have partnered with one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world and will reap the benefits of a huge and diverse audience. 

2. Tinder will be hoping for quick transference of loyalty from the clubs' supporters of the team to supporters of the app.

3. In addition to Man City being a very popular team, they also play in the Premier League which is one of the most prestigious and followed soccer leagues in the world. Thus guaranteeing a large audience for Tinder to reach.

4. Continuing with a common theme, congruence is key with any sponsorship and Tinder has already made efforts to show they are consistent with Man City in terms of messaging and purpose. 

5. As you are thinking about new sponsors or areas to go into, remember to think about phone apps and other innovative technology. 

Check out some pictures of the two organizations as well as the blimp they used to announce the deal.


Written by: James Campbell

James Campbell is currently in his Senior year at the University of Michigan. In May of 2018, he will receive his BA degree in Sport Management. Throughout his time at Michigan, he has worked with Detroit City FC, MiLife Sport & Social Club, and USA Hockey.  - @Jimmy10Campbell