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Liverpool Follows Great Season with Sponsorship Extension
Posted On: May 31, 2018

Liverpool FC has extended their sponsorship with Standard Chartered Bank, a partnership originated in 2010.

I realize I have written about soccer and EPL teams more specifically a lot recently, but the news continues to pour in. This time it involves the Champions League runners-up in Liverpool FC who had a heartbreaking loss against Real Madrid.

This time they are in the spotlight for positive reasons because their bank sponsor of eight years has signed on for another four years. Standard Chartered Bank has been the jersey sponsor for Liverpool and has created some unique activations for this partnership.

In the past, Standard Chartered Bank ran an activation where they swap their jersey signage with a charity and raise money for that said charity. This past year, it was "Seeing Is Believing" which is a charity that aims to end avoidable blindness. Additionally, they have also managed campaigns and community outreach activations. 

Last season, Liverpool had one of their most successful seasons in club history and a large portion of that was due to their Egyptian star Mo Salah. While he broke records with his goal-scoring, Standard Chartered Bank received the benefit of all the extra attention. 

With the recent success of Liverpool, it is no surprise Standard Chartered extended their deal. Look for more fun activations with this partnership in the future. 

Trak's Take

1. Standard Chartered Bank benefits from the continuity of this partnership because it creates a stronger association with the club and transference becomes easier over time.

2. The continued sponsorship should also make fans happier because jerseys for sale will remain consistent and the community outreach programs can continue. 

3. Sports can be risky because team performance is never guaranteed. Liverpool had a great season and Standard Chartered benefitted greatly from that. Their hope is that the success continues so their sponsorship becomes even more valuable. 

4. I wouldn't be surprised if Standard Chartered puts more effort in player endorsements, especially if they can work a deal with Mo Salah. 

5. With a four-year extension, the partnership is long enough that it can be developed more while remaining short enough that if anything drastic happens, it isn't a long-term commitment. 

Check out some pictures below of the jerseys and some of their campaigns.


Written by: James Campbell

James Campbell is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan with his B.A. in Sport Management. Throughout his time at Michigan, he has worked with Detroit City FC, MiLife Sport & Social Club, and USA Hockey.  - @Jimmy10Campbell