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Ford Takes Super Bowl Sponsorship to the Next Level
Posted On: Jan 24, 2018

Creative city-wide activation for Ford around the big game

As we get into February and the Super Bowl gets closer, there will be a lot of news about the advertisements and sponsorships. One of the official Super Bowl sponsors has created a unique way of activating their partnership. As “The Official Truck of Super Bowl LII,” Ford will be showing off their trucks line by providing sleigh rides throughout downtown Minneapolis.

The trucks will pull the sleighs that have signage for the Super Bowl as well as the Ford brand. Additionally, the rides will be free and each stop will showcase more Ford products and have NFL players and legends. Lastly, each location will provide fans the opportunity to win free 2018 season tickets for their team of choice.

Trak’s Take

  1. Sponsors for the NFL and the Super Bowl are exclusive, but Ford is doing a fantastic job at being unique and activating their partnership in an interactive and fun way.
  2. The signage and display of Ford products will allow for great brand awareness and recognition.
  3. Ford is doing a great job of incentivizing people to stop by their different stops by providing the chance for fans to meet current and past NFL players as well as possibly win season tickets.
  4. Even though the Super Bowl is a one day event, Ford knows people make an entire weekend out of it and will have this promotion going on for more than just Super Bowl Sunday.


Event Details:

"Built Ford Tough Sleigh Ride: At Super Bowl LIVE presented by Verizon, experience the Built Ford Tough Sleigh Ride. Sleighs pulled by Ford Trucks, the Official Truck of the NFL and Super Bowl LII, will take fans on complimentary sleigh rides through downtown Minneapolis. Fans can register for the free sleigh rides at the sleigh stops on 8th Street (at Marquette), and 12th street (at 2nd Avenue). The 8th street location will feature a lineup of Ford trucks and special appearances by NFL players and legends. At both locations fans can register for the Toughest Ticket Sweepstakes for a chance to win 2018 season tickets to their favorite team's home games." - PR Newswire Post