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CFL and Nissan Partner on the pre-season power rankings
Posted On: Jun 20, 2017

The Nissan Titan presents the Power rankings

For the past few years the CFL has produced content called the Nissan Titan Power Rankings - Here's a link to their most recent post.. We searched around and found some of their creative design that helps support this type of sponsored content.  (even from previous years)

This is a great partnership.  This is they type of pre-season information that your fans are looking for.... Packaging it with a sponsored piece of content, that's consistent throughout the entire season lead up, will provide the quantifiable impressions your sponsor needs.  Plus, as we know from every viral blog out there, everybody loves a listicle piece of content... (yes it's a thing)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Great tie-in to the name of the promotion to the sponsor.  "Power Rankings" is a theme that the Nissan Titan wants to be part of

2. Consistency is key - if you search CFL Nissan Titan Power Rankings in Google, you can see multiple posts about this on the first page.  This is getting a ton of mileage for Nissan.

3. Subtle value, is the ongoing image and article links that allows the visitor to browse older posts.  Understand how the team has evolved and improved (or not improved) this preseason.  Pic below.

Images from the partnership: