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Ask PFW presented by WB Mason - Digital Sponsorship
Posted On: Apr 05, 2017

How can you leverage off season discussions for a nice Digital Sponsorship

Patriots have done a great job executing a Q&A session using questions from their fans and posting it to their website.  Then promoting the post across their social media accounts. Here's the landing page

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

  1. This is a great way to interact with your fans, especially during the off season when the buzz around the team is about roster changes. (recruiting in collegiate)
  2. Digital sponsorship inventory is the name of the game....  This should be pitched using the calendar coverage style.  IE.... "Here is all of your digital inventory" presented in a calendar view so client can see how it's year round exposure.
  3. Great job including  a nice and easy form at the bottom of each post that allows the fans to easily submit a new questions.
  4. Some great additions to this promo could be: Bounce back email sent to each person that submits a question "thank you for your submission, here's a discount to WB Mason"  - Somehow involve the sponsor in the back-end to benefit from each submission while also thanking the fans for participating.

Form at the bottom of the page: