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6 "Must Answer" Questions Before You Include an Asset in Your Partnership Proposal

6 "Must Answer" Questions Before You Include an Asset in Your Partnership Proposal

If you're selling sponsorships, answer these "What, Who, Why, When, Where, How" on questions for Every Single Asset

We work with 2,500+ sponsorship marketers and we've help facilitate millions of partnership details. Along the way, we've discovered the components of a partnership planning that create value for advertisers. So if you're a property, ask yourself these questions before presenting a sponsorship opportunity to a potential sponsor. If you don't ask them to yourself, the potential sponsor will. :)

#1 What

Understand what the asset is that we are delivering.

Are there multiple facets or occurrences that we need to take into account?

How does your expectation match with what the client was presented?

Are there proposed metric targets?

#2 Who

Who are the stakeholders involved in delivering the asset

Among others, fulfillment teams on both sides, technology or stadium partners, insurance partners, third party vendors and ultimately the decision makers for the client who signed off on the partnership can play key roles. A deep dive on this question will help you understand all angles, limitations and needs.

#3 Why

You could argue this is the first question.

Why was this asset included in the partnership?

Not only is that question a good exercise to challenge the sales team with to insure they are being consultative, but it may also help the fulfillment team understand how it fits into the puzzle and have more conviction about the delivery.

#4 When

Is this a “set it and forget it” asset or one that occurs multiple times and takes constant hand-holding?

Is there an ideal timing or seasonality?

Does the audience change over time?

Do you need to be prepared to help activate each occurrence?

#5 Where

In today’s climate of digital and other platforms, where are the deliverables being exposed to the target market?

How will those results be tracked and reported upon and who needs to be involved for that to happen?

#6 How

Is there a step-by-step action plan and system to take the above questions and bring the partnership asset(s) to life?

What happens if you can’t execute upon any of these items due to controlled or uncontrolled circumstances?

Do you have applicable inventory ready for pivots that will allow you to put your best foot forward?

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