5 reasons to invest in a Sponsorship Activation Platform - Trak Software
5 reasons to invest in a Sponsorship Activation Platform

1). Reclaim time to work on thoughtful and high impact initiatives by automating your delivery, client updates, and approvals. Most teams indicate reclaiming 40-50% of their working hours after implementing Trak Software* That typically equates to an additional Full Time Employee or more. After all, time is our most valuable resource.


2). Delight your partners by giving them insight into your processes, timelines and performance dashboards. Break down collaboration barriers by bringing them into the same system where they can access status updates, communication threads, and feedback.

Avoid the dissatisfaction that’s plaguing the sponsorship industry as reported by IEG in their “State of Sponsorship Report” in which an entire section is titled “Sponsor survey reveals dissatisfaction with property partners” with 58% seeking to drop out of sponsorship deals due to lack of ROI, ROO and fullfillment audits to validate the investment.


3). Deliver real-time fulfillment and performance insights that lead to higher engagement with your client and increased client satisfaction. Understand asset performance and adjust the strategy before it can lead to an underperforming partnership.


4). Uncover underutilized or unused sponsorship assets. One client uncovered that 40% of the pre-negotiated assets were being unused during the partnership activation phase, which equated to over 1 million dollars in sponsorship value wasted.


5). Manage internal and external out-of-office time and staff changes with ease. Swap out account managers and partner contacts with ease and don’t miss a beat. Everyone is still on the same page and brought up to speed 95% faster than using outdated spreadsheets or wading through archived emails.